What is the necessary document for PCBA quote or order?

Documents Required to Quote or Order a PCB Assembly

Document for PCB assembly quote








What do you need to get a quote on a PCB assembly? This is a great question and often a source of confusion. There are four basic documents and exactly how they are transmitted depends on your company’s tools; we can work together to figure out what best fits your circumstance. Here we’ll explain what documents are necessary, as well as what information they should all contain, and their role in the quote process

For PCBA inquiry please would you send us:

  • Inquiry sheet with the specification of PCB ( PCB specification sheet);
  • P-CAD or Gerber data of PCB (in CAM350,ODB++ files,or GERBER RS-274X format);
  • Bill of Material (BOM), which should include complete model names & brands at least for active parts like ICs and for connectors. For passive parts please provide at least the specification like: resistance / capacity, voltage, tolerance and code for size of the part – like “0402” ( example _of_bom);

Example of BOM template

Your complete files will enable us to work effectively and timely saved in PCB Assembly.

For PCBA order please would you send us:

  • PCB specification: order sheet with the specification of PCB (the same data as PCB specification sheet);
  • PCB Gerber file:PCAD & Gerber data of PCB (in CAM350,ODB++ files,or GERBER RS-274X format);
  • BOM list: bill of material (BOM) in excel format;
  • PCBA place list: Assembly places list: model name of parts with marking of assembly place each as stipulated in notation print (Template of assembly places List)
  • PNP files (pick and place file): Coordinates And Orientation (CAO) List: of pairs (“X” & “Y” ) of coordinates of the centre of each part, where to be located on the board), marking if topside or bottom side assembly, orientation of parts in degrees (0 / 90 / 180 / 270 degree) (template of PCBA CAO List);
  • Silkscreen drawing: which will show the orentiation and direction of polarity feature components and ICs (PCB assembly drawing template)
  • Instruction for PCBA requested test (Template of instruction for PCBA e-test).

In certain cases we might need following additionally:

  • Schematic Diagram;
  • Drawings for some fabricated parts (e.g. connectors);
  • Net List and Node Count (if functional test required);
  • Specification Sheet for dimensional Data of non-standard components;


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