PCB Layout Capability

PCB Design

Weller has been in the PCB design business since 2010. We specialize in high-speed PCB design, SI/PI/EMC analysis in addition to training and consulting. With our outstanding expertise at PCB design, we offer high-quality service for over 5,000 clients all over the world. We are not the largest PCB design center in China but we have over 11 professional engineers that full skilled at PCB layout for communicaton projects .

  • 1000+ PCB design projects per year
  • Trusted by 500+ clients
  • 11+ full-time professional engineers
  • The most projects we participate in: Communication Server, Communication Switch, Bitcoin Mining.
RoleQtySkilled time (years)
Team leader110+
Senior engineer66+
Primary engineer41+
Design Power Team

SI/PI/EMC Analysis

DDR3,DDR4 signal and Timing Analysis
High Speed Serial date analysis (25Gbps+ backplane)
PI analysis (PDN and IR Drop simulation)
EMC/EMI Design
PCB Layout CapabilityHyperLynx Signal Integrity
HyperLynx Signal Integrity-Aanalysis

EMC Analysis

System Level EMC
Board Level EMC
Chip Level EMC EMC Test
EMC Test
PCB Layout Capability-EMC Analysis
EMC Analysis

Backplane PCB design, High-Speed PCB design, A/D PCB design, HDI/ALIVH/Buried resister/Buried capacitance, Flex PCB/Rigid-Flex Board, ATE. for the purpose of application in IT Communication, Computer, Medical, Digital and consumer.

All the PCB design process at Weller follows ISO9001 work flow as below:

Down load the PCB design process flow chart.

General questions to PCB layout capability:

**What format of schematic drawing is more convenient to your work?
=> It is better to send us the source file, such as DSN format file; PDF file is unfriendly due to it is difficult to input.

**What software tool do you use: Altium, Allegro,or any others?
=> The platform we used is Allegro.

**What is the basic information for your quotation, the quantity of pins, or any others?
=> We offer quotation basically from the exact Pins (including null pins);the basic price is difference between through hole PCB and HDI printed circuit board. And MOQ would be charged accordingly.

**Your company information will be regularly placed into design files (we just want to our company information to be placed in)?
=> There is no our company information in the design file, just basic PCB specification included. And we are freely to place customer’s information in designed file.

Please call us freely for contact us by email if you have any demand on PCB layout services.

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