Who We Are

Weller PCB Assembly has been providing full Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly more than 10 years.

We are a mid-sized EMS company – a good match for production runs that range from prototype to 20,000 units. Being a mid-sized contract manufacturer, we are more flexible and responsive to production requirements than the larger assembly houses.

We continually strive to have the latest technology to provide the highest quality PCB assembly services with competitive prices.

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What We Do

We provide a complete suite of PCB Assembly Services, including rework and modification, BGA, SMT, Turnkey, Thru-Hole, Lead Free, and Prototype assembly, plus an extensive line of add-on services, such as Injection Molding and Metal Work & Finishing.

Who We Work With

Our Customers Include The Biggest Brands in Aerospace, Electronics, Network Communication, Telecommunication,Industial Embeded System and Medical Technology.

Core PCB assembly for MicroChip FrancePCB assembly for Zollner GmbH GermanyOffshore PCB assembly for OneAcess BeilgiumNotel Inc PCB assembly
WellerPCB assembly for Kontron GmbH GermanyWellerPCB assembly for SMI public companyOffshore PCB assembly for Delta TAU Inc.WellerPCB assembly for NOTE AB
Flextronics PCB assemblyPCB assembly for ELMA GmbH from GermanyPCB assembly for customer Digi IncASM GmbH PCB assembly
PCB assembly for global customer Ampheno;Intel PCB AssemblySurain UK Ltd. PCB assemblyPhilips PCB assembly

Certificated Qualification and Honor

These honored certifications give us a genuine sense of pride at Weller Technology. It shows that we provide high quality electronics contract manufacturing services that can be measured and meet or exceed customer expectations. Whether our customers need Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) assembly for consignment assembly or turnkey material procurement assembly, our certification means we have the necessary tools in order to management your entire project efficiently.

IPC MemberISO13485:2016ISO9001:2015IATF 16949:2016
IPC-A-610E class 2 3 PCBA
IPC-A-6012 class 2 3 PCBA
Medical Product
(PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly)
Quality Control
(PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly)
Automotive Product
(PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly)

What We Will Do

“We will keep continously providing a reasonable assembly cost, high quality electronics contract manufacturing services, on time delivery,technology innvoation and excellent communication as this is the key to keeping our customers happy”–Weller Technology Team.