DFM Report

When you finish designing a new PCB, congratulate your work. But it is only the half of success as the next importance step is that the design must be facility to be manufacturing. It will get you high cost and poor yield once your design is very “complex” and “high density”.

Weller is your ideal partner when you develop new PCB products.No matter how difficult or how advanced it is, we can support you with timely response to make your time saved.

Whether you are at the drawing design stage or already ready with a PCB design, Weller ensures that your product is reproducible with a good quality and importantly that can be manufacturing cost saved.

Weller can make a prototype based on your PCB design and provide sparring and guidance. For example. about the use of components, adjustment of resistance values and production in relation to current design rules.

Here we have a professional team with rich experience in engineering and manufacturing technology to the world class customers to support your new product design.

The PCB CAM software we used for DFM checking is: Genesis 2000,CAM 350.

And, we use latest pcb impedance calculator Polar Si9000e to verify the impedance.

You can send your new PCB design files in Gerber data format to [email protected], our engineer will review and response to you quickly.

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We’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP.