Global Support Behind Your Design Idea

Along with the PCB Instant Quote and printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly order links and other quick navigation links on our site, we have established this easy to use quick links section of the most useful and essential engineering/cam resources on our website. This set of PCB design and manufacturing tools, tutorials, capabilities, tolerances, recommendations and additional explanatory materials can help you keep on time with your projects. These resources will help you optimally design your printed circuit boards and then check the designs for flaws before the manufacturing process begins. Advanced Circuits will work with you every step of the way to help you get your printed circuit board designs ready for manufacturing.

PCB Technology

Weller focuses on the production of rigid and rigid-flex Multi Layer PCB boards, HDI PCB boards, RF PCB boards, backplanes,Micro-via,embeded copper coin,embeded capacitor technology,and high grade to IPC class 3

PCBA Technology

Weller provides customers with 10+ years of leadership and experience in advanced PCB assembly technology, with proven processes and a full range of services from turnkey assembly to mass production.

Mold Injection Technology

Weller Can provide added service for injection molding products for your accessories of electronics parts,we have skilled staff to optimize your mold design and high precise equipment and inpection instruments to ensure good quality product.


Weller’s 3D printing service can well support customer for their rapid prototype and turnkey assembly parts with cost saved and time shortened for prototypes and new peojects development.