PCB Layout Service

In addition to schematic drawing design, Weller provides PCB Layout services for a wide range of board types. We are an experienced Cadence Allegro team, and also have experience with various PCB CAD systems.

We provide ideal solutions for both simple and complex interconnect PCB designs, keeping in sight our customer’s goals for quality, performance, cost, and schedule. Our designers have experience in PCB layouts of high density, high speed circuits where signal integrity and electrical performance are critical. As we are a original PCB manufacturer so that we can provide a printed circuit board design that supports efficient assembly and testing with the highest yields during production.

PCB Layout

The PCB layout process is very complex and demands a lot of expertise. The PCB design engineers at Weller Process the skills and experience to transform your idea into real products within a fixed deadline budget cost.

12 layers impedance PCB layout
12 Layers Impedance PCB Layout

Whether you need PCB layout.PCB routing, high-speed routing, PCB fabrication and PCB assembly drawings, Weller’s PCB design engineer can well take care of it

Circuit Board Designing

If you are looking for high-speed, multi-layered circuit & PCB designs, low-level analog designs, high-frequency RF/Microwave PCB designs & automating-you can trust Weller’s dedicated circuit & PCB design experts. We work with world-class companies on complex projects sand exceed expectations every time. We can replicated that success with your project as well.

Circuit design and PCB layout Team
Circuit Board Design & PCB Layout Team

PCB Funcational Testing & Verification

Faulty PCB boards can make you lose money and time because of failures and recalls. You can avoid this though proper testing before filed trials. Your PCB design team at Weller can verify test and the most complex PCBs. Whether it’s continuity testing, flexural endurance testing, for microprocessor/micro controller testing and debugging, your dedicated PCB verification and test engineers can do it all for you very well.

PCB test and verification
PCB Test & Verification

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