Supply Chain & Logistics

We provide the highest quality solutions for customers looking for PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly. We are equipped to deal with low, medium and high volume batch sizes. As with all of our services, you have access to our global coverage and extensive knowledge across our vertically integrated solutions.

Our worldwide supply chain, partnership approach and team of specialists will guarantee the best components for your product, every time. We work in collaboration with our customers to provide them with supply chain options to identify the best solution and directly with supply chain partners and distributors around the world to deliver competitive prices for each component.

Supply Chain and Logisitics

We can summarize our Supply Chain & Logistics offering as :

  • We provide turnkey End-to-End supply chain management that supports Design, NPI, Mass production to warranty and repair
  • We negotiate Global Supplier Contracts with key suppliers to leverage Weller Group’s overall spend across all commodities including electronics and mechanical
  • We undertake Market Trends and Risk analysis, identifying raw material costing trends and supply chain risks – and then we create the necessary mitigation solutions
  • We have implemented Demand Replenishment programs that include the strategic staging of materials – both at the raw material and finished goods level
  • We offer worldwide Direct Order Fulfillment
  • We have implemented an International Purchasing Office (IPO) capability that is woven into the fabric of our day to day operations. Our goal is to provide our customer the best BOM cost available regardless of manufacturing region – so enabling “Made in” labels. The IPO also allows us to leverage regional strengths to support a global infrastructure in terms of Technology Know-How and Costing knowledge
  • Our purchasing strategy has a number of elements :
    • Strategies are developed at a global level and execution is at the site level with a regional team available to provide support
    • We encourage collaboration between customers, component manufacturers and suppliers to identify the best overall supply solution for the individual component
    • We have developed Direct relationship with component manufactures where economies of scale and benefits justify the investment
    • Our relationships with Distribution partners is being constantly developed to support supply chain strategies
  • We have a BOM management process (and software tools) to ensure :
    • Overall risk mitigation
    • Lifecycle management
    • Manufacture and Component validation
    • Hazardous chemical reporting
    • RoHS/ Reach
    • Alternate Sourcing

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