Box Building Assembly

Weller Technology’s mechanical assembly work initially consisted of adding low-mid volume items such as brackets & panels to the printed circuit board assemblies that we manufactured.

At Weller we have the necessary equipment, technicians and machinists to accommodate the most complex and costumed assemblies. Customer can expect convenience and collaboration as their order is processed, built and delivered.

Over time, our electromechanical assembly capabilities and resources grew to include enclosure fabrication, installation of sub-assemblies and components, and installation and routing of cabling or wire harnesses. Our box builds served in many industrial applications including raw materials testing labs, electrochemistry instrumentation, and mass transit breaking systems to name a few.

Weller Technology’s Box Building Assembly Services include:

  • Sub-Level Product Assemblies
  • Complete Product Assembly
  • System Level Assemblies
  • Testing including ICT (In-Circuit Test), Functional test, Final test, Environmental and Burn-In test
  • Software Loading work and Product Configuration
  • Warehousing & Order Fulfillment & Traceability
  • Packaging & Labeling including Bar Coding

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