After Market Services

Our comprehensive After Market Services (AMS) enable us to support our customers globally with their reverse logistics and repair requirements. We receive constant feedback from our customers that our ability to support their end customers, and to resolve issues in the field, makes a huge difference to their competitiveness in the market. They particularly value the fact that we can provide local technical support in North America and Europe for products that have been produced in Asia.

This service can remove the need for customers to redirect all products to the original manufacturing site for repair, upgrade or modification and ensures a rapid response and swift solution to any issues. We also use this quick feedback loop to improve the design and/or the manufacturing process – further upgrading the quality and reliability of the product.

PCB Assembly Repair Service

We don’t just repair returns, we prevent them. Weller’s proven expertise ensures that your products are repaired correctly, minimizing repeat returns and reducing warranty costs.

We ensure parts are remanufactured or reconditioned to be “like new” and are rigorously tested, ensuring the highest quality and reliability before they are utilized in the repair process.

Anytime we will be full resonsible for the repairing services to the product that manufactured by us due to our mistake.

We also always be available to paid service requested by customer for what the defects from customer’s initial design.

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