Niche Consumer Service

During our 10+ years as an EMS provider, we have worked consistently with a unique segment of the consumer device industries that is termed ‘Niche Consumer’. Typically, products in this market require lower volumes, or a significantly higher quality and reliability level, than many standard consumer devices, yet still have a fine focus on cost competitiveness.

Our global engineering and supply chain capability allows us to successfully compete in this area assisting our customers in designing easy to manufacture products with a bill of material (BOM) that is properly specified and cost effective. Our engineering and supply chain experts will look for ways to improve your products, and will suggest alternate components to drive out cost or improve reliability and quality.

A partnership, whatever your size

We work with small and medium sized businesses, as well as multinational OEMs, to bring new products to market. We approach all projects with the same commitment and enthusiasm – as a Niche Consumer customer you have access to the same global production operation and significant technical and supply chain support as any large organisation.

Our After Market Services (AMS) are particularly popular with our niche consumer customers as it can eliminate concerns on local support, product returns and, most importantly, failure analysis. By making use of our AMS centers, product failures can be found closer to the end market and mass production can be stopped sooner, containing further issues.

Niche Consumer
Niche Consumer

Our services

Example product services provided to our Niche Consumer customers include:

  • Product design–either a complete product to a customer’s specification, or the addition of a new feature to an existing product
  • Supply chain support – including suggesting alternatives, component EOL Management, global sourcing and IPO
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Design for test
  • Complete box build
  • Configure-to-Order and Build-To-Order
  • Ruggedization Services – conformal coating, potting and overmolding
  • Global logistics services
  • End-of-life product management
  • Vertically integrated services

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