HDI PCB Manufacturing Capability

HDI-(High Density Interconnected) PCBs are manufactured with several prominent features. These PCBs have higher circuitry density, higher connection pad density, and finer traces and gaps. Additionally, these PCBs are characterized by their smaller vias and capture pads, blind/buried vias, and through vias from surface to surface.

HDI PCBs are largely chosen for enhancing the electrical performance of the device, and are finding their way into many applications including military communication devices, aerospace, computers, smartphones, and medical equipment, among several others.

Being a leading HDI PCB manufacturer, we at Weller Technology offer precision designed boards for use in high density applications. We have high tech capabilities and the right people to design advanced circuit boards to the exact customer’s specifications.

HDI PCB Technical Details

You can customize your HDI PCBs utilizing the best options from the list below.

HDI PCB FeaturesPrototypeMass Production
Base MaterialFR4, Halogen Free, RCC, Ulta Thin Core,RFFR4, Halogen Free, RCC, Ulta Thin Core
Surface TreatmentENIG+OSP, ENIG, Carbon+OSP, Immersion Tin, OSPENIG+OSP, ENIG, Carbon+OSP, Immersion Tin, OSP
Min. Line/Spacing2.0/2.0mil3.0/3.0mil
Critical Line Width Tolerance2.5mil±15%2.0mil±10%
Min.Microvia Drill Size (Laser)4.0 mil 4.0 mil
Min.Capture/Target Pad Size10.0 mil 10.0 mil
Min PTH & Buried Drill Bit0.20 mm0.20 mm
Min. Annular Ring3.5mil3.0mil
Max. PTH Aspect Ratio10:1 12:1
Max. Microvia Aspect Ratio0.8:10.8:1
Single ended impedance 50 – 90 ohms: +/- 8% (but no less than 4 ohm) 50 – 90 ohms: +/- 8% (but no less than 4 ohm)
Differential impedance100 – 155 ohms: +/- 10% 100 – 155 ohms: +/- 10%
Solder Mask Clearance1.5 mil1.5 mil
Solder Mask Web2.5 mil2.5 mil
Min. BGA/CSP pitch0.4 mm0.4 mm
Registration from Layer to Layer2.0 mil2.0 mil
Min. dielectric thickness 1.8 mil 2.0 mil
PTH Hole Tolerance+/- 2mil+/- 3mil
Min. Outline Tolerance±0.1mm±0.1mm
Min. Core Thickness3.0 mil3.0 mil
Hole StructureStagger Vias, Stacked Via, Skip Via, Stepped Via, ELICStagger Vias, Stacked Via, Skip Via, Stepped Via, ELIC
Other TechnologyCarbon Jumper, LDI, DLD, Copper Filled Via, VOPCarbon Jumper, LDI, DLD, Copper Filled Via, VOP

HDI PCBs are widely chosen for applications that call for compact, yet higher functional boards. These boards help minimize the size of the application, and enhances their electrical performance and lowers power consumption. Also, they ensure stable voltage rail, minimal stubs, and lower RFI/EMI. Since, we employ quality systems such as ISO 9001 to develop well-defined PCBs, our customers can rest assured with the quality of the final PCB assembly.

With us, you will find dedicated sales and technical support teams who dedicatedly meet ever-increasing customer demand for low cost, and high-quality PCBs.

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