Feedback of VBA-V3 and ESP32-WROOM

Hi Tina,
All three boards have now been tested at full current. 30 amps out at 20V, driven by a 12V battery (that dropped below 12V during the test) at just over 60 amps.
Everything seems to be working as hoped for. We will mount them is a metal box and use thermal potting as heat sink on the MOSFETs while the load is high. At 15 amps output, it requires no cooling. A success!
The break-out boards are also very nice. Well made…
Thanks for your help in getting these prototype boards made. We will definitely be back!!!
David Cyr

P.S. What is your real (Chinese) name? I know you use an English name for English customers…

David Cyr

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We’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP.