Why schematic drawing is necessary to PCB assembly?

There is always going to be something that needs assembling, and that is certainly true in the world of printed circuit boards. As the electronic designers don’t always think about that while they are placing and routing traces, but the simple truth of the matter is that someone is going to have to build what you design. That is where the PCB assembly drawing comes in: to tell the manufacturer how to assemble the circuit board that you design.

PCB schematic drawing

Some helpful core points schematic drawing to PCB assembly

  1. Assembly house can detect the problem (assembly or PCB manufacturing) according to the analysis from schematic drawing
  2. Assembly house can identify the orientation directions of some polarity feature components (such as LED and capacitors) by schematic drawing once you do not specify it on silkscreen
  3. Assembly house can make electrical functional test of assembled boards according to your schematic drawing

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