Solder paste printing

Solder paste printing is a core step in the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly process.

It is to print the solder paste via stencil on the every one of the pads on the PCB board which need to be components soldered on. This work normally done by high quality solder printing machine or by manual work.
The two key points on this process is paste print machine and the material of solder paste.

In WELLER, All the soldering printing work is done by automatic machine which have high-accuracy positioning and high-speed printing and highly stable quality than other suppliers who do this by manual work to avoid affording the high cost of buying Auto-printing machines.

And, all the solder paste we used is from ALPHA-OM-340, which have a most stable quality than other brand solder paste. And can apply to different end application of products (industrial PCB assembly, communication PCB assembly, medical PCB assembly,etc)

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