Stamp Hole-One PCB Panel Way for PCB Assembly

Stamp Hole- One PCB Panel Way for PCB Assembly

In order to facilitate production during PCB Assembly, we always make several small size PCBs together into one panel, which could highly improve the production efficiency.

The most common way of PCB assembly is V-CUT. V-CUT means that several boards or the same board can be combined and spliced together, and then a V-shaped groove can be cut between boards with V-CUT machine after PCB processing, which can be broken off during use or before package.

Another “not so popular” panel way should be stamp hole, especially for some complicated or special-shaped boards.

Stamp hole refers to the hole in the panel of the main board, which needs to be connected by ribs. In order to facilitate cutting, there will be some holes on the ribs, similar to the hole on the edge of stamps, which is called stamp hole.

The stamp hole is similar to the circular hole design of stamp split, which has the advantages of better strength than V-CUT, and can be broken directly, unlike tap, which needs router equipment cutting, but the disadvantage is that the broken surface is not easy to control accurately, if it is too close to the line, it is easy to damage the line, which will result in scrap.

Generally speaking, stamp hole technology or double-sided V-groove segmentation technology can be used for PCB panel. When stamp hole is used, it should be noted that the lap should be evenly distributed around each panel to avoid deformation due to uneven stress on PCB during welding. The position of stamp hole shall be close to the inner side of PCB to prevent the burr left at stamp hole after panel separation from affecting the whole machine assembly of customers. When double-sided V-groove is adopted, the depth of V-groove shall be controlled at about 1 / 3 (the sum of grooves on both sides), and the groove size shall be accurate and the depth shall be uniform.

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