How to create an effective PCB assembly BOM file

BOM file is one of necessary documents for PCB board assembly process, except other documents like PCB Gerber file, Pick and Place file, silkscreen file.

PCB assembly BOM

For PCB designer, it is very important to create an effective BOM file to save time for PCB assembly house to make correct quotation for components and improve efficiency in PCB assembly work.

Below 6 items is necessary information that present in your PCB assembly BOM files. So total 9 columns is enough to present a BOM list.

1. Item #, this will count total of how many items assembled in your PCB board
2. Correct part numbers of the components (you can refer Mouser or Digi-key), the part number must be a public part number not a Obsolete part number that can not be searched.
3. Manufacture name of the components(this is very important if your components are assigned sole manufacture).
4. Description: this is a plus specification to your components once can not be identified by it’s part number (such as some connectors, extra description is necessary), you can refer Mouser or Digi-key when you create the BOM.
5. Package size of the components: although most components can be identified thier size by it’s part numbers, but for some ICs, need extra package size: such as SOP series: SOP-18,soic-16,sop-20,etc.
6. The QTY for each components (this is necessary information for price calculation).
7. The designators for components, this necessary information for exact assembly work.
8. You can add remark column to present other information that you want to show to PCB assembly house, such as Column 8 and Colum 9 in below table

Below table is an ideal PCB assembly BOM template that to present the necessary information for a PCB assembly quotation.

Part number
Alternative (Y/N)
refer weblink
1CR2032 PANASONICPanasonic3V 20 X 3.2 MM 200mA1B1N
2C0805C104K4RACTUKemetCAP .10UF 16V CERAMIC X7R 0805080532C1,C3,C5,C7-C23Y
3ERJ-6GEYJ102VPanasonic – ECGRES 1.0K OHM 1/8W 5% 0805 SMDSMD SMT 08058R7,R9,R11,R13-R17N

You can down BOM template and edit it when you PCB design finished,and then send the final BOM to us for quotation.

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