0.4mm fine pitch BGA PCB Design guideline

Nowadays, precise components is widely used in some advanced electronics devices, such as fine pitch FPGA component from Xilinx. But this take extra challenge to PCB designer and PCB manufacturing capability accordingly.

FPGA Component

Today, we simply discuss the PCB design guideline for 0.4mm fine pith BGA component to facilitate in PCB manufacturing.

Standard guideline points:

  1. No circuit track allowed between BGA PADs.

2. Minimum PAD size 0.127mm with 0.1mm laser hole drilled on (this could save space for PCB layout and reduce final PCB size). And suggest to use stack up: 0.8mm type or 1.2mm type.

3. The minimum spacing between track and holes:0.15mm(refer below picture)

4. Recommend to use Via in PAD design for BGA area holes.

Advanced technology limitations for 0.4mm pitch BGA PCB design

Technology Map:

1.2mm stack up guideline (only for 4L):

1.2mm stack up

0.8mm stack up guideline (only for 4L):

0.8mm stack up

Important notes to surface treatment

Important notes to PCB surface treatment for 0.4mm fine pitch PCB:

Surface finishingOption
HAL(hot air solder leveling)No-X(the surface is not so smooth so it will take trouble in soldering)
HAL Lead freeNo-X(the surface is not so smooth so it will take trouble in soldering)
Immersion goldGood-

Important notes to PCB solder mask for 0.4mm fine pitch PCB:

Solder mask ColorOption
Black, red,yellow, white or otherNo-X (difficult to keep solder mask dam)

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