Importance of Design Rule Check For PCB Manufacturing

The DRC (design rule check) is an in-depth review of your PCB fabrication data, which is carried out by our experienced CAM station engineers before production of your circuit boards even begins.

The DRC is an extremely important step in circuit board manufacturing. The customer’s data are verified for manufacturability and for observance of required production parameters; for this purpose we use GENESIS software from Orbotech.

A comprehensive Design Rule Check helps to identify many errors (such as: open-shirt circuits,mis-soldermask opening,missing holes.etc) in advance, thus avoiding problems and complaints!

Without a DRC, correct circuit board production is only a random chance! There are some circuit board manufacturers who take the (apparently) easier route, by manufacturing circuit boards unchecked, but the damages and costs caused by inaccurate circuit boards are still borne by the customer!

At Weller,Your advantage with Multilayer PCB board that the DRC is always included!

You can send your designed Gerber files to [email protected] to ask us to make a free DRC check for you.If necessary, any problems that may be found can be discussed quickly and easily on the monitor together with our engineers.

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