An informed reminding:Corona virus’s affection to the electronic market

Reminding: corona virus’s affection to the electronic market

Corona virus has taken more and more affection to the most the countries of the world.
Most people have to stop their normal work and keep staying at home to avoid the potential infecting or being infected.We have to face the situation positively: active attitude to the life and do what we can do to assist the doctor and hospital to fight the epidemic.
Obviously, the epidemic will have a negative affection to the deployment of the society,such as manicuring service.something from the market will have serious feedback: shortage of material, price raised up, lead time extend long… etc.
So, as an electronics contract manufacturer here in china with offer rich experience to offer service to customer from worldwide, we would have some kind reminding:
1.Review your annual plan and forecast, it should be a thought to move up your plan of 2020.
2.The electronics components market has a trend of shortage of stock
3.The price could raise up for some active components and crucial capacitors
4.The lead time of whole manufacturing loop extend much longer

Here in Weller, upon on our past year’s experience to the hard time, we have taken some pre-actions to help our customer to reduce the lost as small as possible.
1.Inform our customer beforehand to move up their plan of 2020
2.Order some crucial components beforehand
3.Prepare storage for big volume products to reduce the potential lost once the price raise up during the next half year of 2020.
4.Keep close observation to the epidemic situation and adjust our strategic accordingly

Anyway, we are optimistic that epidemic will be fightted finally,and everything will be very well soon.

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