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Global Support behind Your Design and Manufacturing

As an advanced manufacturing partner with being trusted and respected globally for more than 10 years, we have been keeping enhancing our capability by investing in advanced equipment, upgrading production facility, and talented technical engineers to help our customers design,build and deliver innovative,high-quality products at faster and scale.

From initial concept to final production,WELLER is your one stop solution provider for printed circuit boards fabrication, printed circuit assemblies, box or system builds, product testing and engineering services.

With our global ISO 9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, and IATF 16949:2016 certifications, our customers can be assured that Weller can meet quality requirements continually.

The One Stop Solution Offered By Us

As a Contract Manufacturer, we have been confidence that each solution we provided initially from our professionalism. Our capabilities include PCB Fabrication, SMT Assembly, Through-Hole, Box Build, Integration, Cable Assemblies, Firmware Programming, Final Testing, Debugging and other Special Processes related with OEM Manufacturing.

PCB Layout

At Weller, we work with 10+ principal engineers (3 of them at least have 5 years’ experience in complex PCB layout) and fellows to develop a layout with two popular software Allegro Cadence and Altium to empower engineers to deliver high quality products quickly.

Our technological engineer always working with our clients from the beginning to develop and produce the best possible custom-PCB includes High-Speed Digital, HDI, RF, Analog, Mixed Signal, Backplanes, Flex & Rigid-Flex Circuits, Power Supplies, DDR4, PCIe GenX, USB 3.0, 5G Mobile Networking, 100G Ethernet, Cavity Boards, Wire bonded (flip die), IoT, etc.

PCB Fabrication

PCB is the core component to any electronic product. With only focusing on high quality PCB fabrication, our team of experts will ensure you get the correct technology that you need, combined with great service at every point from your design to final production.

20+ years manufacturing experience, we ensure high quality whatever it is prototype or mass production, low tech or high precision circuit boards, any layer HDI, impedance, rogers, etc. Acceptance criteria up to IPC-A-6012 class 3.

PCB Assembly

Specializing in high-max-low-volume PCB assemblies with high quality deliver behind key capability support:

Gold wire bonding, press-fit, BGA reablling, BGA remove and replace; minimum 01005 size machine placed;BGA, VFBGA, CGA to 0.3mm pitch; Leadless chip carriers/CSP, QFN; Water-soluble leaded and lead-free; rework services; 100% X-ray and AOI inspection on full production; firmware programming and testing; debug shooting; conformal coating, encapsulation and resin potting; high quality of IPC-A-610 class 3 assembly as well.

Box Build Assembly

Other than PCB assembly services, WELLER are also an electronic box manufacturer, we provide a full electrical and mechanical box build assembly service tailor made to your unique requirements. We offer sub-system and complete box/system assembly services.

We are well equipped and experienced in providing a total turnkey manufacturing solution for highly complex and configurable box build requirements. We are flexible to accept turnkey, consignment, and hybrid material solutions per customer requirements.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

We staff New Product Introduction (NPI) and prototyping professionals with years of experience to prototype products through the same manufacturing process that will be developed for sustaining production.

WELLER believes the prototype process is in place to discover current or potential issues, validate designs, and assist companies towards production. We also understand the pressures of getting products to market quickly and can support quick turn prototypes.

PCBA Functional Testing

WELLER has the full capable of PCB assemblies firmware programming, complex problem debugging, and repairing as well.

Our engineer is familiar with some key popular IC’s programming, problem digging, repairing including ST, TI, Antmel, etc. And we can follow customer’s demand to perform testing including: the AOI digital inspection, X-ray inspection, ICT test, FCT test, Burn-in test, Fatigue test, and harsh environment test, etc. And ensure each PCBA be 100% tested and work functionally before shipping it to customer.

Free Design Support Services From Us

WELLER’s operations team is made up of highly skilled engineers and professionals that have 10+ years of experience building technology through assemblies.Whether your need is for initial design, small volume prototypes, medium or high-volume production, WELLER is driven to always delivery high quality goods and services, on time, and on budget. Our goal-better value from your electronic supplier to strengthen your strategic position.

Design For Manufacturing

As a Contract Manufacturer, Weller team are not only approached with new products and new designs, we also partner with companies that need us to support legacy or redesigned products. Collaborative discussions contribute to better manufacturing process efficiency, superior quality, and a quicker time to market.
We join your initial design with freely engineering and consult support. Every effort or suggestion from us will enable your final product to be manufacturable at a lowest cost and reliable quality.

Analysis for Procurement (AFP)

WELLER is focused on offering an array of value added services that best possible to support our clients. The best way to effectively drive out cost is to start early in the design phase where

WELLER will evaluate every aspect of the design. Our experienced engineers from engineering and purchasing will perform a deep dive into material cost, material composition, and ask appropriate questions to refrain from over engineering products.

WELLER has been keeping providing complete electronic contract manufacturing services from design through volume production and fulfillment to become your Efficient, Effective Source for Electronic Manufacturing Services. Experience the convenience of having all of your electronic needs handled by a single source with a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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